Hello 4-H Families!
Can you believe that it is May already? That means the countdown
to Marias Fair Fun Time is on! We will have packets out and ready
to go in a few weeks and sign ups will begin on FairEntry soon!

Thank you to those who attended and presented at Public
Presentation Day. I love hosting our Public Presentation Day
because it gives our 4-H members a chance to present on
something that they are passionate about and they can really
share their true personalities. They are able to present on topics
that are important to them and they do not necessarily have to be
what they are signed up for as a 4-H project. I think PPD is a great
confidence builder and you can see that in the kids through out
the years and as they prepare for the Marias Fair.

Don't forget to get signed up for 4-H Camp and Cloverbud Camp.
The last day to register for both is May 15th. This year, you are
picking your own workshop for 4-H Camp so you better get signed
up early so you have your choice of workshop!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. You can
stop by the office anytime!
Kim & Jackie

Volunteer Trainings Online
If you are planning to be a volunteer for Toole county 4-H, new this year, we are announcing the 4-H
Volunteer online training resources. We still have a few folks who need to take the training.
All 4-H Volunteers must complete the training in Z-Suite. If you need help, you can come take the modules in
the Extension Office.
1. Log into your Z-Suite Account
2. Select the profile of the volunteer that is taking the course.
3. Click on Clover Academy from the menu on the left
4. Click on the blue box “Launch Clover Academy”.
5. You will be taken to the Clover Academy website.
6. Scroll down to find the Montana 4-H Orientation click on “Enroll Now”.
7. On the course page you will see an overview of the course. Scroll down to see the four modules that make
up the orientation. Click the blue box “See More” under module one.
8. Follow the instructions to navigate the course.
9. When you get to the end of the module, (slide will say you completed module). Scroll down and click on
the blue box “Mark as Complete”. Box will turn blue once you have completed the module.
10. Select the next lesson to load the next module. Your progress will be saved and you can return later to
complete the remaining modules.

Food Safety
This training is required every two years for 4-H members and parents serving in the Food Booth at the
Marias Fair. Every 4-H member is required to serve a shift at the Food Booth to obtain their premium points.
Premium points are the points/money that each 4-Her gets when they complete their project books. Kim will
be presenting Food Safety at the Kountry Kids meeting on April 30th at 1 PM. Cloverbuds are able to work at
the Food Booth with their parents.
The following 4-H members need the Food Safety training.
Cloverbuds: Nolan Ahrens, Chase Besancon, Charlotte Besancon, Calvin Clark, Isla Clark, Luke Erickson, Bear
Erickson, Laura Flesch, Hayden Habets, Grayson Salois, Carter Nickol, Collin Riphenburg, Carlie Sisk.
Members: Cael Blevins, Cami Blevins, Aubree Clark, Delaney Clark, Dylan Clark, Wyatt Fix, Ella Fix, Paxton
Flesch, Sam Flesch, Laura Flesch, Breckynn Kempf, Brigham Weishaar, Karter Kempf, Kaylee Nickol, Rowen
Russell, Malcolm Russell, Desirae Salois, Regan Torgerson, Benson Weishaar, Gracelynn Weishaar.

Youth State Award
Members apply in a project area they have mastered and "gone above and beyond" regular project
expectations. Communication, Goals/Learning, Leadership and Service are the four categories. Please reach
out to youth in your county that may fit this criteria. Share with organizational and project leaders that may
know of youth that fit this criteria. https://www.montana.edu/extension/4h/programs/awards/stateawards.html 

Montana 4-H Congress- Save the Date

  • Registration will open May 1st
  • Registration deadline is June 15th
  • Congress MSU Bozeman- Tuesday, July 11th- Friday, July 14th
  • Pre-Congress and Officer Selection- Sunday, July 9th - Tuesday, July 11th
  • State Contests Wednesday, July 12

Montana 4-H Congress
Congress this year is July 11 - 14th in Bozeman - MSU Campus. It is for 4-H members ages 13 and up
(as of October 1, 2022).
This is a great opportunity to meet other 4-H'ers, participate in workshops and/or competitions such
as presentations, cooking, quilting, fashion revue, livestock judging and a chance to get a taste of
dorm life as well.

Volunteer Spotlight & Members of the Month
Nominate a volunteer or youth in your county who has done something awesome and deserves a shout-out
for making a difference. They will be recognized next month in a Volunteer or Member Spotlight social media
post and in the state's monthly newsletter. They will also be eligible for Ag Network's Volunteer or Member
of the Month sponsored by Stockman Bank. You are welcome to submit more than one recognition form!
Nominate a volunteer you appreciate:https://forms.gle/z6qTGfjZEZUxAksg9
Nominate a youth member: https://forms.gle/EbtccAkk6XE3ZWKX6

Cloverbud Day Camp
Cloverbud day camp will be Thursday, June 8th at the Shelby Splash Park in Shelby, open to all area
Cloverbuds. It will be a pirate theme this year! Please 'Save the Date' if you have a Cloverbud or teen willing
to help with workshops/games/crowd control, etc. Registration is now available on Z-Suite. Please register by
May 15th.

Fashion Revue
Fashion Revue will be held at the Toole County 4-H Exhibit Building, July 6th starting at 6pm.

Fair Manager Position
Toole County is looking for a Fairgrounds Manager. This position is part-time. The Fairgrounds Manager is
responsible for the planning, organization, and supervision of the daily operations of the county fairgrounds.
If you know someone who may be a good fit, please refer them to

Public Presentation Day
We had a great turnout for Public Presentation Day today! We learned about several different topics from
our 4-H members such as pressing flowers, using robots to find mummies, raising chickens, and creating a
sourdough starter. The Cloverbuds presented what they have learned in robotics this year and some
created presentations on topics important to them such as raising calves and building bird houses. Thank
you to those who presented and thank you to our judges, Emily, Katie, and Jackie!

Award Winners:
Pre- Junior: 1st Place: Anissa Smith, 2nd Place: Bridger Ergenbright, 3rd Place: Orion Vetch
Junior: 1st Place: Alethea Smith, 2nd Place: Avalyn Smith, 3rd Place: Grace Hemmer

Marias Fair 2023 Dates The full schedule will be online and in your fair packets.
Saturday July 15th- Clean up Day
Wednesday July 19th- Interview Judging
Saturday July 22nd- Livestock Sale

FairEntry Registration
Registration for the Marias Fair begins on Monday, May 15th. To register, sign in to your FairEntry
account at mariasfair.fairentry.com. If this is your first year going to the fair, you will need to create a
FairEntry account. Additional instructions will be included in your fair packet. You can also call the
Extension office for assistance. First fair packets will a be available for pick up at the Extension Office
May 15th as well.
Your fair packet will include volunteer forms, camper forms, event pass application, the fair calendar
and several other informational documents. Please read through everything and return any applicable
forms by June 15th. If you are applying for a new camper spot, be sure to turn in your application early
as camper spots are time and date stamped and are on a first come first basis. The deadline to enter
items on FairEntry is June 15th.
For more information about entries please refer to the Marias 4-H fairbook which can be found online
at http://mariasfair.msuextension.org/mariasfairbook/

Fair Packet and Registration
Fair packets will be ready on Monday, May 15. Fair entry will also open this day. The first packet
contains registration information and camper sign ups. Camping spots are released on a first come,
first serve basis unless you are keeping the same spot you had last year. If you want to move or you
have not camped before, you will want to get your forms in right away. Fair Entry will be open until June
15 to get registered for all Fair projects/events.

Due to the tremendous generosity of our local sponsors to the premium fund, we’ll be increasing
the premiums at the 2023 Marias Fair! Premiums per exhibit will be as follows:

  • Purple - $5
  • Blue - $4
  • Red - $3
  • White - $2 

Maximum sale participation weights are:

  • Beef – 1,680
  • Lambs – 185
  • Swine – 336
  • Goats – 123 

Marias Fair Livestock Rules
All of the livestock rules are available on our website https://www.montana.edu/extension/mariasfair

4-H Camp - Board Game Theme
Dylan's Cabin - Chutes & Ladders
Cami & Delaney's Cabin - Candy Land
Clara's Cabin - Operation
Jadis' Cabin - Sorry

Register on Z-Suite - Registration Due on May 15th

Thank you Montana Farmers Union for supporting the Toole County 4-H Chicken Club!
Blazing Saddles 4-H Club greatly appreciates your support of our future agricultural leaders!
We used funds from their $100 grant scholarship to fund our 4-H Chicken Club.


1st- Add/Drop Deadline
2nd- 1st and 2nd year Robotics @ Courthouse 3:30-5pm
3rd- Cloverbuds @ Emilie's 3:30-5pm
4th- 8-11 year old Robotics @ Courthouse 3:30-5pm
6th- Lamb and goat weigh in deadline
10th- Cloverbuds @ Emilie's 3:30-5pm
12th- Office Closed
15th- Fair Packets go out/ FairEntry Registration Begins
16th- 1st and 2nd year Robotics @ Courthouse 3:30-5pm
17th- Cloverbuds @ Emilie's 3:30-5pm
18th- 8-11 year old Robotics @ Courthouse 3:30-5pm
24th- Cloverbuds @ Emilie's 3:30-5pm
25th- Shooting Sports Shotgun begins at Shelby Trap Club
29th- Office Closed (Memorial Day)
31st- Cloverbuds @ Emilie's 3:30-5pm


1st- 8-11 year old Robotics @ Courthouse 3:30-5pm
6th- 1st and 2nd year Robotics @ Courthouse 3:30-5pm
7th- Cloverbuds @ Emilie's 3:30-5pm
8th- Cloverbud Camp @ Shelby Splash Park 10:30am- 3:30pm
12th-14th- 4-H Camp
14th- Cloverbuds @ Emilie's 3:30-5pm
15th- 8-11 year old Robotics @ Courthouse 3:30-5pm
15th- Fair Entry Registration Due
19th - 21st - Range Days at the fairgrounds
20th- 1st and 2nd year Robotics @ Courthouse 3:30-5pm
21st- Cloverbuds @ Emilie's 3:30-5pm
28th- Cloverbuds @ Emilie's 3:30-5pm
28th- Livestock Committee Meeting 6pm at the Fairgrounds