How to Order

Marriage and Family Publications can be ordered four different ways:

  1. Download publications FREE of charge by clicking on the title of the publication.
  2. Pick up publications at your local county Extension office FREE of charge.
  3. Order from MSU Extension Distribution Center by clicking Order Online  after the title of publication.  Shipping costs will apply.
  4. Download the Family Financial Publicatons Flyer (Fillable Form) and email it to Keri Hayes at [email protected]; or mail to address provided on brochure.


  • RevisedBlended Families: Making Financial Decisions (MT201211HR) (2023) (PDF Version) (HTML Version-ADA Accessible) [Order Online]
    Explains how to develop spending plans and successfully communicate about financial goals within a remarried family, others often face additional factors that may make financial decision-making more complex than in "first-family" situations.

  • Lending Money to Family Members. (MT199323HR) (2018)  (PDF Version) (HTML Version-ADA Accessible[Order Online]
    Analyzes not only the potential hazards of loaning money to relatives but reviews the tax implications and other legal aspects of the various options you have in making a loan, co-signing a loan, and designating a loan as a gift.

  • RevisedPremarital Agreement Contracts in Montana: Financial and Legal Aspects (MT201212HR) (2023) (PDF Version) (HTML Version-ADA Accessible) [Order Online]
    Help couples resolve concerns over money, work, children, the home, and other mutual issues. This publication lists items to consider and highlights some of the financial and legal aspects of this contract.

  • RevisedTalking With Aging Parents About Finances (MT199324HR) (2023) (PDF Version) (HTML Version-ADA Accessible) [Order Online]
    Provides strategies for diplomatic discussion about family financial issues with aging parents.