What we do

Food industry consulting and testing services

Chef Rebecca Soule offers consultation to an industry client

Our team of food science, culinary, and extrusion experts offer consulting to food businesses on recipe innovation, troubleshooting, and modifications. We can also help analyze the marketability and competiveness of product prototypes through conduct large-scale consumer sensory tests.

Food science for Indigenous food sovereignty

baking Bonbon Bouye with Senegalese village women

We work with smallholder women farmers and their communities in West Africa to reduce crop losses, boost nutrition, and provide additional income streams by using food science technology blended with Indigenous knowledge to co-develop food products.

Pollution prevention in Montana's food industry

a MTP2 intern processes fish with a Montana food business

We coordinate the Montana Pollution Prevention Program, which matches Montana food businesses with university student interns who provide recommendations for reducing pollution and decreasing water and energy.

Sensory evaluations

sensory evaluation participants sampling lentil couscous

To ensure that our products will be accepted by consumers, we conduct sensory tests with volunteer participants to evaluate the characteristics of variations on the food product being tested. Want to participate in future sensory evaluations on the MSU-Bozeman campus?



Bozeman Daily Chronicle

December 12, 2023

MSU researchers explore the market potential of edible weeds, particularly purslane, aiming to generate new income for farmers, promote sustainability by reducing herbicide use, and gather consumer feedback on purslane dishes.

DSDC 2023 team Chidimma Ifeh, Olivia Schwintek, and Hannah Kempf
IFT Digital Exclusives

August 7, 2023

Our PATH team students (Chidimma Ifeh, Olivia Schwintek, Hannah Kempf [not pictured], and Lynn Weeks) took 3rd place among finalists in the Developing Solutions for Developing Countries competition at the Institute of Food Technologists' Annual Event & Expo with their presentation of “Frutta-Sorgho: An Instantly Nutritious Blend of Indigenous Knowledge and Western Technology Co-Developed with Senegal Women Farmers”. Read article

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Our students are developing food product solutions to address real-world problems, like malnutrition, agricultural waste, and poverty. Their important research is helping small food producers, processors, manufacturers, and their communities to create more sustainable food systems around the globe. We urge you support the next generation of food innovators and help us create a future where sustainable and nutritious food is accessible to all. All donations are tax-deductible.