Our lab connects students with businesses and communities through the co-development of sustainable food products and entrepreneurship. We utilize local, specialty, and Indigenous crops and other ingredients for our healthy, eco-friendly, and culturally acceptable creations. These innovative products also offer economic opportunities in the communities where we work and reduce agricultural waste. Our lab seeks graduate and undergraduate students and professionals to work with us in the areas of food and culinary sciences, sustainable food systems, dietetics and nutrition, agriculture, chemical and mechanical engineering, business, environmental studies, and many other disciplines, since we are an interdisciplinary team.

Project areas

Indigenizing food science for food sovereignty

  • Building Indigenous food entrepreneurship with Senegal smallholder women farmers

Montana novelty crop innovations

  • Industry consulting on innovating and improving recipes and processes
  • Farm-to-market value-added innovations and processing via farmer-student interdisciplinary partnerships

Pollution prevention in Montana food product manufacturing

Past Research