Welcome to the Montana Pollution Prevention Program (MTP2)

The MTP2 Program is dedicated to helping the state's small businesses, local governments and citizens use progressive, integrated pollution prevention (P2) strategies to increase productivity, while safeguarding our air, water, land and other natural resources by reducing pollution. MTP2 is funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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P2 Calculators

Overview of a Cleaner Billings

Pollution Prevention Calculators

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has tools to measure environmental impact of pollution and the prevention of it. These calculators are located on the EPA's website. If you want to see how you can reduce your own waste, MTP2 can help!



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MTP2's EcoStar Award

MTP2 supports Montana businesses that are committed to actively reducing their waste and conserving resources. The recipients of the EcoStar Award are just such businesses. Apply or nominate today!



MTP2 Summer Interns on the Job

MTP2's Internship Program

Working together to keep Montana beautiful. Students can work with us directly with MTP2's internship program.

For Individuals

A Sing with "Please Don't Litter" Engraved

Tips for Individuals

Preventing on a personal level can seem futile but even small steps are movement in the right direction. Tips for people to start small.


For Professionals and Educators

A Clean Street

Pointers for Business and Schools

Running a business or in charge of a classroom? Learn how you can impact pollution. Tips for groups to do their part.



  • Montana Pollution Prevention Program highlights successful programs

September, 19, 2023 - "The Montana Pollution Prevention Program at Montana State University is highlighting key parts of its pollution prevention efforts as part of national Pollution Prevention Week, set for Sept. 18-22. Those efforts include a student summer internship program and the EcoStar Award program."

From MSU News. Read the full article on thier webpage.