Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

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Invited talks

  1. Ifeh C and Kuo W. "Co-innovating a healthy fermented beverage with women farmers in Senegal." Fermentation Science Institute - Seminar Series, October 2023.
  2. Kuo W and Redhouse L. "Indigenous food-science-ways: Native product innovation toward food sovereignty with Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes." Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology - Humanitarian Food Science & Technology Webinar, May 2021.
    presentation recording (Vimeo)
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Conference posters

  1. Ifeh C, Agu H, Santos F, Kuo W. Sustainable Cocoa Value Chain in the Eyes of Indigenous Wisdom: A Case Study. Montana State University Student Research Celebration, April 2024, Bozeman, Montana. 

  2. Schwintek O, Ifeh C, Kempf H, Kim S, Kuo W. Value in the eyes of farmers and researchers - a case study on Indigenous fruit fermentation and entrepreneurship. Institute of Food Technologists Annual Event & Expo, July 2023, Chicago, Illinois.
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    Poster presentation recording
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