Working in Dr. Kuo's food product development lab was one of the most fulfilling parts of my undergraduate career at Montana State University and not only helped expand my knowledge of the food science field but instilled in me a passion for using research and food science to do good in the community. All of her research and projects are done with thoughtful intention and driven by her aim to do good and have a positive impact on the food industry, specifically local, indigenous, and sustainable foods.

Katy Hilburn
Former FPDL member / B.S in Chemical Engineering from MSU / current Process Engineer at bp

Dr. Kuo and the Food Product Development Lab were instrumental in our organization's mission to increase the availability of local, shelf stable, and minimally processed food products for our community. The creativity, passion, and professionalism of her and her team is evident and their work is making a tangible and critical ripple in the Montana food system.

Kaya Patten-Fusselman
Former Inventory and Procurement Manager at the Livingston Food Resource Center / current Outreach and Communications Manager for the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance

Dr. Kuo has been instrumental in our efforts to develop women farmers' business with indigenous ingredients, and her expertise and dedication have truly made a difference. As a result, the African Development Bank has dedicated enough funding to support the construction and equipment of a food processing factory for the women farmers group.

From the moment we began working with Dr. Kuo, her passion for food science and commitment to empowering women farmers shone through. Her extensive knowledge in the field of food product development has been invaluable in guiding us through the various stages of our project. She possesses a deep understanding of the challenges faced by indigenous food value chain and has consistently provided practical solutions to address these issues.

What sets Dr. Kuo apart is her genuine care for the success and well-being of the women farmers involved. She has taken the time to personally connect with each member of our team, understanding their unique perspectives and challenges. Her support and mentorship have been crucial in building confidence and empowering these women to take charge of their businesses.

Aliou Ndiaye
Director and founder of “Cabinet Aliou BUSINESS SERVICES” (CABS), Dakar, Senegal, West Africa

Dr. Kuo reached out to me to provide a business perspective for the PATH team's work in Senegal. It is very unusual for such a project to integrate entrepreneurial training, which is critical for financial viability, sustainability, and ultimate success. Dr. Kuo is a visionary with an inclusive approach that optimizes both learning and outcomes for all involved.

Donna Rosa
Founder and Chief Entrepreneurship Officer, EFour Enterprises LLC

Dr. Kuo and her team are leading critical research that prioritizes indigenous culture and tradition within food science. I am proud to have collaborated with her on empowering women in business with food technology in West Africa. She is an incredible force. I admire her greatly and I look forward to more collaboration in the future!

Alexandra Spieldoch
CEO, Bountifield International

Becky’s Berries has wanted to produce a mustard for a lot time. It would complement the other products in our line and it’s something we consistently get asked for. After trying numerous times to put together the recipe we envisioned and not hitting the mark it was a Godsend that someone directed us to MSU Food Product  Development Lab. We shared our vision for the product with Chef Rebecca Soule and Sophia Seffrood, they totally got what we were looking for in a product, worked on it and nailed it to perfection. We are beyond pleased with the final results!

Becky Stahl and the staff at Becky’s Berries

We were having some issues with our Montana Mornings Granola. It was selling well; everyone loved the flavor – but when it was placed in a bulk / buffet setting it was crumbling almost to a powder. Wan-Yuan recruited and mentored chemical engineering student Simone Paul to work with me on this issue. For several weeks we worked with the team to re-configure the recipe. The result was amazing. A few changes created a better, more stable product – with no changes to the flavor. As a result, our bulk sales increased dramatically, including several resorts and restaurants across the state.

Deb Wheaton
Founder and Co-Owner at Gluten-Free Prairie