Bio 445

Macroecology: Understanding Ecological Systems through Global Comparison

Instructors: Andrew Hansen and Kathryn Ireland

BIOE 491 (3 cr), M, W, F 2:10-3 pm, Lewis 407

This is an advanced ecology course that is aimed at senior-level undergraduates.  It is designed to build on foundational lower level undergraduate ecology courses and allow the undergraduates to begin shifting to the knowledge base and ways of thinking required in graduate school.  The class will examine forested biomes as integrated ecological systems, compare similarities and differences among biomes in order to better understand general ecological principles, and consider implications for place-based management.

Bio 515

Landscape Ecology and management

Instructor: Andrew Hansen


Lecture Wed 3:10 - 5:00, Wilson 2105, Lab Monday 2:10 - 5:00, Leon Johnson 209

This graduate level course examines the principles and techniques of landscape ecology and applies these to the conservation and management to real-world landscapes. The class includes a 2 hour per week computer lab that highlights software and computational techniques that are used to address landscape scale issues.

Biology 524

Frontiers in Landscape Ecology


Instructor: Andrew Hansen


In this graduate level course students gain experience in the key skill in science - publication and to advance knowledge on an important topic. Students and instructor will jointly develop a manuscript for publication. The class will review and synthesize current knowledge on the topic through class discussion of key papers, prepare an outline for the publication, write and review drafts of each section, and format the paper for submission to a scientific journal.