NC CSC Foundational Science: Assessing the vulnerability of forest and grassland vegetation to climate change and drought in the NC CSC Domain

Contact: Andrew Hansen and Arjun Adhikari


Informing implementation of the Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee’s (GYCC) Whitebark Pine (WBP) Strategy

Contact: Andrew J. Hansen and Michiel Pillet


Response of vegetation in the Montana Rockies to future climate change using models that incorporate varying levels of ecological realism

 Contact: Katie Ireland


Using field data to validate remote sensing models of grassland phenology, biomass, and forage quality in the Upper Yellowstone River Basin

Contact Erica Garroutte


Using NASA resources to inform climate and land use adaptation: Ecological forecasting, vulnerability assessment, and evaluation of management options across two Landscape Conservation Cooperatives

 Contact Andrew J. Hansen, with Scott Goetz, Forrest Melton, Bill Monahan, Ramakrishna Nemani, Tom Olliff, David Theobald and John Gross


Ecosystem Energy as a Framework for Prioritizing Conservation Vulnerabilities and Management Strategies

Contact Andrew J. Hansen


Vulnerability Assessment of Ecological Systems and Species to Climate and Land Use Change within the North Central Climate Science domain and Partner USDOI Landscape Conservation Cooperatives

Contact Andrew Hansen, with Diane Debinski, Bill Laurenroth, and Barry Noon

 Vegetation Structure indices and Biodviersity modeling in the Southeast US

Contact Linda Phillips, with Andrew J. Hansen, Ralph Dubaya, Scott Goetz, Michele Hofton

Evaluating Alternative Approaches to Identifying Wildlife Corridor

Contact Meredith Rainey, with Andrew J. Hansen, Montana State University             

Ecological condition of US National Parks: Enhancing decision support through monitoring, analysis and forecasting 

Contact Andrew J. Hansen, with Scott Goetz, John Gross, David Theobald, Forest Melton and Rama Nemani

Vulnerability of US National Parks to Current and Future Land Use and Climate Change     

Contact Cory Davis, with Andrew Hansen, Steve Running