Andrew Hansen, Nathan Piekielek, Diane Debinski, Bill Laurenroth, and Barry Noon


USGS North Central Climate Science Center

Resulting Manuscripts

  • Hansen, A.J., Piekielek, N., Davis, C., Haas, J., Theobald, D., Gross, J., Monahan, W., Olliff, T., Running, S., 2014. Exposure of U.S. National Parks to land use and climate change 1900-2100, Ecological Applications, 24(3), pp. 484-502. .pdf

Project Overview

The goal of this research activity is to develop capacity within the USGS North Central Climate Science Center (NC CSC) to assess the vulnerability of key elements of biodiversity to climate and land use change. The information produced in this science activity will inform the development and implementation of management options. Our specific objectives are to:

  1. Use the Glick et al. (2011) framework and its components to organize our vulnerability assessment research.
  2. Evaluate the utility of a suite of modeling approaches for vulnerability assessment of particular targets in specific locations within the North Central Climate Science domain.
  3. Apply “best” methods to forecast ecological response to future climate and land use change in the context of the Glick, Stein and Edelson (2011) framework for vulnerability assessment.
  4. Explore the development of a community platform for biodiversity modeling and vulnerability assessment across the NC CSC university consortium through workshops, webinars, and conferences.

August 26, 2014