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Below is a list of all the undergraduate programs offered in Health and Human Development.  The current curriculum for each program is available by clicking on the program title, while past catalog curricula are available on request.


Community Health
Early Childhood Education and Child Services Child Development Option
Early Childhood Education and Child Services P-3 Option
Family and Consumer Sciences Education Option
Food and Nutrition Dietetics Option
Food and Nutrition Nutrition Science Option
Health and Human Performance Exercise Science Option
Health and Human Performance Kinesiology Option
Health Enhancement K-12 (Health & Physical Education)
Hospitality Management Food Enterprise Option
Hospitality Management Lodging and Facilities Option
Hospitality Management Restaurant Farm-to-Table Option
Human Development & Family Science Major Option
Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems Sustainable Food Systems Option


Coaching Minor
Family and Consumer Sciences Teaching Minor
Human Development Minor
Personal and Consumer Finance Minor


Gerontology Certificate