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Child Development Option

The child development option emphasizes the development, education, and well-being of young children within the context of family, school, and community.  Throughout the program, students are actively engaged in a variety of settings that include children, their families, and other early childhood professionals.  Coursework and field experience provide multiple opportunities for applied understanding of children's growth and development, building family and community relationships, conducting observations and assessments, understanding developmentally appropriate practices, and promoting the well-being of young children and their families.

The child development option will appeal to students with professional interests including parent education, early intervention, resource and referral, advocacy, and childcare teaching and program administration.  Graduates will be highly qualified for careers in a wide variety of settings including early care and education, early intervention and preschool special education settings, child-focused programs, community agencies, state or federal agencies, and nonprofit settings that support children and families.  The child development option provides a strong background for admission to graduate programs in early childhood education, child development, child and family studies, social work, counseling, and other related behavioral and social science disciplines.  Students are required to take 21 or more credits in a directed elective pathway, minor, or certificate.

Students must receive a grade of "C" or higher in all required courses as outlined in the major.