Dr. Nehrir's active research and research interests are:
  • Modeling, power management and control of alternative energy power generation systems
  • Distributed generation
  • Smart grid and microgrid
  • Modeling and control of end-use residential and industrial electric loads (demand response) for smart grid applications
  • Application of intelligent control to energy management, demand response, and distribution automation
  • Predicting distribution feeder power demand at steady state and after a period of power outage (cold load pickup)

Dr. Nehrir's research has been supported by the following sources: The National Science Foundation, NSF-EPSCoR, USDOE, DOE-EPSCoR, Office of Naval Research, NEC-Labs America, Electric Power Research Institute, The Montana Power Company (now, NorthWestern Energy), Montana Electric Power Cooperatives, and Montana Electric Power Affiliates Program (MEPRA).