Collegiate Concepts

MicroFridge© with Safe Plug™ is the original combination appliance, designed for the collegiate environment. Hundreds of thousands of students nationwide have enjoyed the convenience of a MicroFridge© with Safe Plug™ in their rooms. Now, you can enjoy even more convenience with our on-line ordering system!

MicroFridge© with Safe Plug™ is approved by your school because it’s safe. There are no exposed heating elements and MicroFridge© with Safe Plug™ patented internal circuitry is designed to reduce energy consumption. PLUS, we provide FREE pick up and delivery to your campus.

Why not order a MicroFridge© with Safe Plug™ for your room today!

Features of a Collegiate Concepts MicroFridge for MSU students include:

  • True freezer with separate door: True zero degree freezer... even freezes ice cream! (Unlike internal “ice compartments” found on models available in retail stores).
  • Patented Safe Plug® internal circuitry: draws only 10 amps, reducing your risk of circuit overloads for your ultimate safety.
  • One plug operation: one plug to the wall socket operates refrigerator, freezer and microwave.
  • Energy Star rated: refrigerator/freezer uses less energy, saves money, and helps protect the environment by being eco-friendly.
  • Features:
    • Real freezer for long-term food storage.
    • 2-liter bottle storage on the door.
    • True zero degree freezer...not just a chill space.
    • Glass turntable in microwave oven.
    • Touchpad controls for microwave oven with 6 presets.

To Order:

The priority order date is August 1, 2024 to guarantee that the MicroFridge is placed in the room prior to the student's arrival.