Established in 2013, Professional Development & Training (PD&T) is housed in Human Resources and offers a range of programs and services designed to meet a wide variety of MSU professional and classified employee development needs.  PD&T provides services to all four MSU campuses.  We welcome your ideas and input.

MSU Human Resources PD&T’s strategic purpose is “to grow our people,” by building the skills and capacity of MSU employees.  By providing ongoing personal and professional development opportunities, we strive to increase MSU employee effectiveness and each employee’s ability to excel and contribute to the overall MSU mission.

Course Offerings 

Becoming A Supervisor: The Supervisor Training course is comprised of three sessions of training designed to help people transition from an individual contributor role to a supervisory role.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to: 1) Explain the steps to building effective relationships, 2)Apply effective communication and feedback skills, 3) Create goals and motivate followers to reach their goals using effective time management processes, 4)Identify change management principles and help teammates build resiliency during change, and 5)Explain how responsibility and accountability relate to building trust in leadership.

Crucial Conversations for "Mastering Dialogue" : Mastering Dialogue is 12-hour copyrighted course developed by Crucial Learningthat teaches skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialog around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics – at all levels of the university. 

Crucial Conversations for "Accountability": Accountability is a 12-hour copyrighted course developed by Crucial Learning that teaches a process for managing performance, strengthening trust and reliability, and 
eliminating inconsistency. It provides skills for holding peers accountable—regardless of position or authority.

Monthly PD&T Series: Workshops offered with varying topics.  Suggestions for topics and those who wish to offer their presentation skills is welcomed. Example workshop would include; Free Speech on Campus a Crash Course.

Leadership MSU:  Leadership MSU is a year long program which provides an opportunity to learn more about the various units that comprise the university along with opportunities to develop skills to lead from where you are. 

Diversity & Inclusion Development Certificate:The Diversity & Inclusion Development program provides training to students, staff, and faculty to expand their awareness, knowledge, and skills related to diversity and inclusion to better serve in their role at MSU.

For questions related to the Diversity & Inclusion Development program or upcoming workshops, contact Program Coordinator, Harley Clifton at [email protected] or 406.994.1040. 

Online Instructional Modules 

LinkedIn Learning - Offers a suite of training videos from specific software packages to up-and-coming technology trends, to documentaries following creative professionals in a variety of disciplines. The training library can be searched by subject, software, or author.

SkillSets Online - SkillSets is an online learning platform that maintains a library of technical and non-technical web based courses. University Information Technology (UIT) has access to 90 SkillSets library cards and is providing the opportunity for campus employees to access their training library. SkillSets provides 3 different products that can all be accessed using the same Log-In credentials.

Departmental Training

If you have a specific training need or request for a unit / department,PD&T may be able to develop a customized workshop providing customized trainingfor individual teams on the four MSU campuses. Current workshops being provided include; Crucial Conversations for "Mastering Dialogue" and DiSC Personality Assessment options. 

Service Excellence Initiative

Service Excellence at MSU:  Service Excellence aims to align the quality of our service environment to the excellent education we offer.  We're aspiring to provide a great experience outside the classroom so students and faculty can focus on being successful inside the classroom.

Random Acts of Excellence Postcard:  Montana State Universities recognition program.  MSU has a simple way to recognize those people you work with that have provided excellent service. It is the  Random Act of Excellence  postcard. It only takes a couple of minutes and provides you with the opportunity to recognize someone for their above and beyond service. The recipient will receive a personalized postcard from you. 


                           Montana State University's Service Philosophy
We enrich lives by building a supportive environment that inspires excellence in everything we do.

Service Excellencwe

"We are what we do repeatedly; therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.” by Aristotle