Class of 2024

The Leadership MSU  program focuses on knowledge about the university, its mission, and vision. The program is designed to help each participant network effectively and connect with campus leaders, better understand how colleges and departments across the university work together and to develop leadership skills  that will contribute to the strength of the university and our ability to carry out our mission.


The Leadership MSU program is designed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of Montana State University, its core values, and long-term objectives. It aims to equip participants with essential knowledge about the university, its mission, and vision. By fostering effective networking and creating connections with a variety of campus leaders, faculty, staff, and peers, it enables a deeper understanding of how various colleges and departments work within the university. Moreover, the program looks to include professional development opportunities to help provide leadership skills that will enhance the university’s overall strength.

The Program's Structure

The Leadership MSU Program has been developed to provide a structured opportunity to create campus connections by learning more about the various units that comprise the university in a setting that encourages participants to:

  • Network effectively: Focus on building relationships with campus leaders, faculty, staff, and fellow program participants, helping to develop peer resources.
  • Connect with campus leaders: Gaining insights from experienced university figures.
  • Understand interdisciplinary connections: Learning how to better connect with the different colleges and departments across campus and how to better work together and support each other.
  • Access to Expert Knowledge: Learning from a variety of university leaders who can provide you with a forward-looking understanding of their responsibilities within the university.
  • Develop leadership skills: Taking the opportunity to enhance one's own personal capabilities to contribute to the university’s mission through personal connections, experience, and reflection.
  • Professional Growth: The program encourages self-reflection and personal augmentation, helping you to become a more effective leader and providing opportunities for professional growth.

What Are People Saying About Leadership MSU?

“Leadership MSU positively impacted and advanced my career in several ways. It helped me to build connections across campus units (many of whom became friends in addition to colleagues). I feel more confident in my ability to contribute as a staff member even though I may not be in a standard "leadership" role, and I am more prepared to be a rising tide to lift all the other members of my team. I have already recommended that my colleagues apply and if I could go back, I would absolutely participate again. I am so grateful for the value MSU places on professional development, and I would encourage anyone, especially those early in their careers, to take advantage of this opportunity.” -- Anonymous 2024