growth room

Our research revolves around a key challenge in genetics: the goal of predicting phenotypes from genetic sequences. We focus on understanding robustness, the ability of organisms to maintain phenotypes despite genetic mutations, environmental change, and stochastic errors in development. Our research works at the interfaces of quantitative genetics/genomics, molecular biology, development, and evolutionary biology, using plants. With this interdisciplinary knowledge, we can facilitate breeding robustness and resiliency in crops.

In important component in the lab is utilizing technology to speed the process of measuring robustness across large numbers of plants. Towards this goal, we are leveraging unoccupied aerial vehicles, and growth rooms outfitted with networks of computer-controlled cameras.

The Lachowiec lab works on the lands of the Amskapii Pikani, Apsaalooke, Tsétsêhéstâhese, and Seliš. We are located at Montana State University in magnificent Bozeman, Montana in the Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology department within the historic College of Agriculture.



Arabidopsis thaliana in the growth room