The Analysis of Biological Data front cover

BIOB 318: Biometry

3 Credits (3 Lec) Fall

PREREQUISITE: C- or better in any 100 level or above Math course. Analysis and interpretation of biological data. Topics include: measures of center and spread, probability, analysis of frequency data and proportions, comparing numerical values, comparing means of two or more groups,  linear regression, correlation, and modern statistical methods.

Design and Analysis of Experiments with R front cover

PSPP 516: Research Design and AnalysisRMarkdown Info 

3 Credits (3 Lec) Fall

PREREQUISITE: STAT 401. Data analysis and interpretation of problems unique to agricultural and biological research. Topics include: sample size determination, assumptions and transformation of data scale, completely random, randomized block and Latin square designs, comparisons among means, factorial experiments with restricted randomization and analysis of covariance, analysis of counts, non-parametric methods. 

PSPP 591: Writing and Career Development for Plant Scientists

3 credits (1Lec) Fall