Many records of Montana State University are available for public inspection under the Montana Public Records Act Title 2, Chapter 6, MCA (

Requests for inspection or copying of public records must be specific and focused and may not interfere with the business operations of the university, including any and all university policies.  Where a request is not specific or focused, the MSU will assist in identifying available records.

Certain records are exempt from public disclosure under the Montana Public Records Act.  MSU may redact, or otherwise decline to make available, records subject to exemption.  The Montana Public Records Act does not require MSU to create documents that do not already exist.

Upon receipt of a public records request, MSU will conduct a reasonable search for the requested records. 

Requests for public records may be directed to Olivia Reddick, Paralegal, at [email protected].

Additional information on the University’s response to public records requests may be found at: