Students usually have many questions if they are close to suspension status, are currently suspended, are seeking to appeal a suspension, or are looking to return to MSU after a suspension. This guide will hopefully answer many questions students frequently have during this time of their academic career at MSU. 

If you have more questions after reading this guide, please get in touch with the CLS Academic Services Manager. 

Elizabeth Lee 
[email protected]
2-205 Wilson Hall 


Academic suspension can interrupt your academic plan through a required semester or year break from classes. Therefore, it is essential to understand your academic status and how it changes each semester. 

Suspension occurs when a student continually earns a low GPA (below 2.0) for multiple semesters. Depending on the term GPA a student earns, a student can be suspended after two to four semesters of being out of "good standing." 

  • A student suspended for the first time may be reinstated after one semester has elapsed (exclusive of Summer Session).
  • After a second suspension, one academic year must elapse before the student will be reinstated. Students may complete their intent to register online through their MyInfo account.
  • Students with more than two suspensions must petition for reinstatement through their academic dean to the University Scholastic Appeals Board.
  • Reinstated students will be on probation when they re-enroll. The probation designation is removed when students achieve a term and cumulative GPA of 2.00 and above.
  • Students must have a 2.00 term and cumulative GPA to graduate.

Second Wind Program

If this is your first academic suspension, you may receive a letter inviting you to participate in the Second Wind Program. 

The Second Wind Program is an option for students suspended for the first time. This program allows students to continue their studies without taking a semester off. 

Students receiving a letter from the Provost's Office regarding the Second Wind Program and who would like to participate should contact the Letters and Science Dean's Office at (406) 994-4288 to schedule a time to speak with the Associate Dean for Student Success, David Cherry. 

  1. Students should contact the Letters and Science Dean's Office at (406) 994-4288 to schedule a time to speak with the Associate Dean for Student Success, David Cherry. 
  2. After speaking with Dr. Cherry, an advisor will contact students to discuss their academic plan.
  3. Students will also be required to take a one-credit learning strategies course.

Appealing a Suspension

In some special cases, students can appeal their academic suspension and be reinstated sooner than their required semester or year break. 

Students must base suspension on extraordinary and unusual circumstances beyond their control. Please note that poor choices that led to poor academic performance are not grounds for appeal. For example, working too many hours, choosing a major not suited to your academic interests or strengths, and making certain social and lifestyle choices can all negatively impact your academic performance. None of these examples would be deemed extraordinary or beyond your control. 

Please complete the Suspension Appeal Cover Sheet, including:

  • Cover sheet
  • Statement of academic purpose
  • Academic Plan
  • Reference
  • Narrative on extraordinary circumstances
  • Documentation for extraordinary circumstances

Please call (406) 994-4288 to schedule an appointment with Associate Dean David Cherry. Your packet will need to be complete (or close to it) for your meeting. 

You will submit your completed packet according to the Suspension Appeal Cover Sheet instructions by email (scan documents in order) or in person to Elizabeth Lee in the Letters and Science Dean's Office. For questions on submission, email or call Elizabeth. Students must complete their packets and meet with Associate Dean Cherry before the deadline. Each semester, we will post the deadlines once they are announced. Packets received after the deadline, or packets received without a meeting with Associate Dean Cherry, will unfortunately not be considered.

Elizabeth Lee
Academic Services Coordinator
Dean's Office, College of Letters & Science
 (406) 994-4288
2-205 Wilson Hall
[email protected]

Suspension appeals are by no means required. If you do not apply for an appeal, or if your request is denied, you can register for classes after a semester of sitting out (first suspension) or after an academic year (second suspension). 

After submitting your suspension appeal to the appropriate Associate Dean's office, it will be forwarded to the Appeals Board for review, evaluation and decision. The Appeals Board will notify the Associate Dean and the Registrar of their decision. You will be contacted on your suspension appeal status before the next semester begins, usually by email. 


Students can be reinstated after a successful suspension appeal or after sitting out for the allotted time described in their suspension notice. 

Upon return from an absence due to suspension, you are expected to meet with an Associate Dean in your academic college. These meetings serve as a point of contact for you to get oriented in your returning semester, reviewing classes you plan on taking, discussing your academic standing, and connecting you with additional resources if necessary. A hold is placed on your student account to encourage you to schedule and attend this meeting; your Academic Dean will contact the Registrar’s Office to remove this hold once you’ve had a successful meeting.

Call (406) 994-4288 to schedule an appointment with David Cherry, Associate Dean for Student Success for the College of Letters and Science.

You may be changing colleges upon your return. 

If you plan to change your college, we recommend contacting your "new" academic college to connect with relevant advising and resources. Let your "new" Dean's Office know that you are switching colleges when you set up your appointment so that your hold can be removed.

Not sure if you are switching Colleges? Find a list of majors and colleges