Second Wind is an opportunity to infuse new energy into the pursuit of your degree, attain new skills, and facilitate your path towards degree attainment.  MSU is committed to the academic success of each of our undergraduates and we understand that success is not always achieved in a predictable path. Second Wind provides substantial support to first-time suspended students who choose to engage with the program return immediately to campus without losing a semester of momentum and continue their academic path. Second Wind provides you the time and place to gain insights which will drive success in academics with renewed skill, purpose, and commitment to your goals. Second Wind programming provides …

  • A learning community-the Second Wind Learning Strategies course, guided by passionate and committed instructors
  • A dedicated success advisor to facilitate action and follow through guided by your goals and needs
  • Free SmartyCats one-on-one tutoring
  • Engaging guest speakers and topics to help navigate the hidden curriculum of college learning, development, and engagement
  • Service-learning and extracurricular opportunities
  • A team of professionals from across campus who are ready to work with you


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Reach out with your questions, contact Wyatt Mitchell, Second Wind Program Manager, at [email protected]