Executive Oversight Committee

Note: As this project has evolved over time, some of the committee members may have changed due to retirement, a new position, etc. To credit these individuals, if there was a change, they are noted in parenthesis.

Position Member
Chair Susan Agre-Kippenhan (Clark Llewellyn)
Member Cathy Conover
Member David Dooley
Member Jeff Jacobsen
Member Tom McCoy
Member  Jim Ramipau
Member Craig Roloff
Member Walter Banziger
Member Allen Yarnell
Member Shane Colvin (Blake Rasmussen or Bovard Tiberi)
Project Committee (Long Range Campus Development Plan – LRCDP Project Committee)
Representation Position Member
College of Arts and Architecture Chair


Susan Agre-Kippenhan (Clark Llewellyn)


Director of Communications & Public Affairs Member Cathy Conover
Provost/VP Academic Affairs Member David Dooley
PEPAC - Professional Employee Personnel Advisory Committee Member Brad Garnick
College of Agriculture/AES Member Jeff Jacobsen
Faculty Member Ferd Johns
At-Large Member Ralph Johnson
VP-Finance Member Bob Lashaway
VP-Research, Technology, & Creativity Member Tom McCoy
CEPAC - Classified Employee Personnel Advisory Committee Member Sheron Mcllhattan or Mandy Hansen
Faculty Member Mary Miles
University Police Member Robert Putzke
Planning and Analysis Member Jim Rimpau
VP Administration and Finance Member Craig Roloff
Faculty Member Robert Sharrock
Auxiliary Services Member Tom Stump
Director - OFS Planning, Design, & Construction Member Walt Banziger
VP Student Affairs Member Allen Yarnell
Disability/Re-entry/Veterans Member Brenda York
Montana State A & E Division Ad Hoc Member Tom O'Connell
ASMSU - Associated Students of Montana State University Student Representatives Member Shane Colvin (Blake Rasmussen or Bovard Tiberi)