A university's buildings and landscape reflect the ideals of the institution and influence the process of learning. The essence of a campus' beauty resides in the character of its buildings and grounds. A campus plan provides planning principles and guidelines which ensure that future buildings, infrastructure, and landscape are well conceived and designed. Ultimately, the plan is used as a guideline to honor and preserve the university's history, while striving to support and advance its future aspirations.

The first draft LRCDP document was completed in 2007.

Full Development Plan

front cover

Chapter 1 - Introduction

chapter 1

Chapter 2 - The Planning Process

chapter 2

Chapter 3 - Existing Conditions

chapter 3

Chapter 4 - Elements and Principles of the Framework Plan

chapter 4

Chapter 5 - Implementation and Plan Phasing

chapter 5

Chapter 6 - Acknowledgements

chapter 6

Chapter 7 - Glossary

chapter 7


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