The primary purpose of the "campus master planning" project is to establish a consensus vision for the physical development of the campus environment over the next 25 to 50 years that is comprehensive, creative useful and most importantly - inspiring.

The project involves a broad, university-wide process which includes a campus-wide dialogue about our shared physical environment centered on questions such as these:

  • What do we like from the past that we have lost?
  • What do we have in the present that should be preserved?
  • What do we want our shared environment to be like in the future?

Physical development of the campus over time will be guided by a set of principles derived from the planning process. These principles will ensure that the physical growth of the campus is aligned with the priority interests of our academic, research and service missions, and provides continuing support to the goals of the 5 year vision, particularly in the areas of recruitment and retention of quality students, faculty and staff. Adherence to these principles will protect against short term decisions that could impair long term opportunities and ensure that the university is making the most efficient use of present and future infrastructure in support of physical development.