1. Lab is open during posted hours. Check for schedule changes during finals period and holidays.
  2. Do not enter the lab while under the influence of mind‐altering drugs or alcohol.
  3. Every person is required to wear eye protection as required by OSHA.
  4. Tie back long hair when operating machinery.
  5. Remove all rings, wristwatches and necklaces before operating machinery.
  6. Do not wear sandals or open toe shoes while working in the lab.
  7. Pants must be worn in the space at all times. Loose clothing should be restrained.
  8. All accidents, even if very small, must be reported to your instructor/lab manager or the staff person on duty.
  9. A safe attitude will protect you and others. Think ‐ practice and develop safe working habits.
  10. Respect the rights and property of other students. Be thoughtful and helpful towards others in the lab.
  11. Horseplay, running, yelling and/or fighting is absolutely forbidden in the lab.
  12. Make sure machines are in the “off” position and motion has stopped, before leaving them.
  13. All safety guards must be kept in place while operating equipment. If a guard or safety device is an impediment to safe operation of a machine seek help.
  14. Use equipment for its intended use. If in doubt, ask for help.
  15. No one should use equipment until he or she has received proper and safe instruction and feels comfortable with its operation.
  16. If you have made an adjustment on a piece of equipment, return it to its normal position after you are done.
  17. Do not use broken or damaged equipment; report immediately to manager.
  18. Do not attempt repairs to any equipment that is broken. Notify lab manager or student assistants for help.
  19. Make sure machine's work surface is unobstructed and clean before use.
  20. Always keep your eyes on your fingers, listen to the sound of the machine and nose keen to the smell of smoke.
  21. Never talk to someone operating a machine.
  22. Operator should never talk to someone while operating a machine.
  23. Clean up your mess! Wipe up all spilled liquids. Pick up your materials. Put away tools. Sweep up any loose debris.
  24. Return all tools to their proper storage place after using.
  25. Ask the Lab Manger for approval before storing materials or projects in lab.
  26. Absolutely no tools out of the lab!
  27. Do not use plaster or any cement based material on any power machines.
  28. Headphones are prohibited in the lab while operating power tools.
  29. These rules are meant to protect you from injury; please obey them.

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