The Bill Wurst Makerspace, or Makerspace, provides the MSU community a centrally located, universally available, welcoming space where they can build, test, and prototype. This is a work area where students, faculty, and staff can come to work on projects for classes, personal use, or research. The Makerspace has facilities, tools, mentors, and advice to help students succeed in their endeavors.                                                                         



Read, understand, and e-sign the lab safety and lab usage policies, check our open hours and come in when we are open!

A Makerspace employee can teach you how to use most things in the space. However, some machines like the laser cutter may only be used by Makerspace employees due to safety protocols. 

Access to the Makerspace is free for students, faculty, and staff. Processes like 3D printing, use of the CNC machines, and other items have charges associated with them. You can find an updated list of costs on the Pricing page. 

That's just fine, the Makerspace is a great space to start projects, Makerspace employees can help you with aspects of the design process, manufacturing options, and iterating through prototypes. 

No, due to the high overhead that comes with them. 

Items that could be used to injure others, are unsafe designs, or otherwise deemed inappropriate for an academic setting are not allowed. There is limited space so large projects must be broken up to be considerate to other users.