Past Courses taught

  • Fall
    • WILD 513  Fish Habitat Management, even years
  • Spring
    • WILD 301  Principles of Fish and Wildlife Management, co-taught with Dave Willey
    • BIOO 415  Ichthyology
  • On Demand
    • Undergraduate Internship, WILD 498
  • Other previous courses:  Careers in Fish and Wildlife; Fisheries Management; Research Methods and the Scientific Process; Topics in Fish Ecology
  • Summer/Online Courses
    • Ecology of Trout Streams, BIOE 597, summer in even years; part of MSU MS in Science Education (MSSE) degree for high school science teachers, co-taught with Lindsey Albertson
    • Online: Ecology and Conservation of the World's Marine Ecosystems, BIOE 595, for MSSE Program, offered fall odd years 

Professional Service and Awards

  • Career Achievement Award, Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, 2022.
  • Appointed member of the Governor's Future Fisheries Review Panel, Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, 2003-2007.
  • Appointed member of Excellence in Fisheries Education Award committee, 2006-2007.
  • Best Paper award nomination, Journal of Aquatic Animal Health, 2002.
  • Elected Western Division Representative, Education Section, American Fisheries Society, 2003-2005.
  • Fishery Professional of the Year award, Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, 2002.
  • Associate Editor, North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 1996-1998
  • Elected member, Executive Committee, Montana Chapter, American Fisheries Society, 1996-1999 (consecutive terms for secretary-treasurer, vice president, president, past-pres.).
  • Best Paper award, North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 1996.