Bitterroot bull trout, M. Jakober photo

Research Interest

Fish ecology and management.  My graduate students and I conduct applied research to assist in answering current questions in fisheries management as well as testing of ecological principles on which fishery management is based.

Interest Areas

  • Salmonid Ecology and Management
  • Conservation of Native Fishes
  • Life history/otolith microchemistry
  • Fish passage and movement behavior
  • Winter ecology

Current/Recent Projects

  • Improving Conservation Status of Arctic Grayling, USGS--Assessment of the effectiveness of Denil fish ladders for grayling passage in the Big Hole watershed, Montana. CoPI with Kevin Kappenman, USFWS
  • Managing a New Threat: Rainbow Trout Invasion of the Lamar River Drainage in Yellowstone National Park, Identification of Hybrids and Hybrid Sources, Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation. CoPI with PhD student Kurt Heim
  • Life History and Population Genetic Structure of Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout in the Lamar River Watershed, Yellowstone National Park. 
  • Winter Habitat and Survival as Potential Limiting Factors for Arctic Grayling in Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge – Implications for Management of a Rare and Declining Species USFWS
  • Assessment of Nonlethal Microelemental Methods to Determine Life History and Movement of Native Salmonids, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks.
  • Use of Otolith Microchemistry to Assess Spawning Tributary Contributions of Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout in Yellowstone Lake. Yellowstone National Park.