Students are not allowed to perform any fabrication on CNC equipment on their own or without supervision. Parts that require CNC machining will be fabricated by CNC-trained supervisors, with the student present at all times.

Exceptions:  Students, who have demonstrated substantial CNC machining experience are allowed to generate CAM files of their parts, set-up and operate the CNC machine under supervision. 

CNC - Eligibility

Your part must be school related and deemed CNC worthy by the shop manager or CNC supervisor. CNC worthy is defined as having a feature requiring the compound movement of the CNC's. Tight tolerances and short deadlines are not acceptable reasons for CNC eligibility. Please contact the shop manager or CNC Supervisor with any questions regarding eligibility.

In case your part cannot be made with the CNC machines in the MIE shop, you may be asked to make changes to your part design so that it can be machined. If the design changes cannot be made, the shop manager will give you information about outside resources that may be able to manufacture the part.

CNC - Part Definition

To get a professional quality part we must start with professional quality drawings, SolidWorks or Fusion 360 part files and the appropriate materials. Your drawings and part files will be reviewed by the shop manager or CNC supervisor. (E-mail them or bring them on a memory stick.)

Please save all of your files (including SW and your drawing) with the following format:
YYYYMMDD_CapstoneGroupName_Part Number_Version
Example: 20190313_VendingMachine_1056_V1

Note: In case you need to revise and resubmit drawings, ensure you change the date and increase the version number by 1 so we will always be looking at the most current form of your application.

Please contact the Capstone Shop Manager or CNC Supervisor for an appointment to review your design and CAM files.

CNC - Scheduling

If your part is approved, the shop manager or CNC supervisor will complete the files necessary to run your part. They will schedule an appointment (during open shop hours) with you to run the part. You are EXPECTED to be at this appointment and be there THE ENTIRE TIME your part is cutting. If you fail to show up your part will not be fabricated at the appointed time.

CNC - Machining Preparation

You will be expected to do all necessary part preparation prior to your CNC cutting appointment. The CNC-TA will let you know what is required of you before coming to your appointment (such as having the material squared). If the necessary part preparation is not completed on time your part fabrication will be delayed.

Your Involvement

You will be expected to be involved with the process to a certain extent so you can still take away some knowledge. You will also be required to participate in the posting of the code, the set-up of the machine, and the initial running. You will be required to clean the machine and deburr your own parts.