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Mentorship is a key factor in graduate student and faculty success and is now acknowledged as a skill that “can be developed through intentional and reflective practice and cultural responsiveness” [1]. Mentorship training efforts for both mentors and mentees are growing rapidly in response to the need for inclusive and skillful evidence-based mentoring [1].  

Mindful Mentoring programs contribute to an inclusive and sustainable culture of mentoring by working to foster intentional and reflective mentoring practices and create peer communities.  The progams use relational mindfulness to harness the benefits of cultivating non-judgmental present moment awareness while providing intentional time for reflection and support from community.  Participants deeply explore the nature of mentorship itself and create solutions for creating and sustaining mentoring relationships in their unique contexts.


Mindfulness Based Graduate Mentorship Program

A program for graduate student mentees interested in learning to cultivate and sustain functional mentoring relationships.


Mindful Mentor Program

A program for mentors interested in developing and improving their practice of mentoring.


[1] National Academies of Sciences, E., and Medicine, The Science of Effective Mentorship in STEMM. 2019, The National Academies Press: Washington, DC.