What does mentorship mean to you?

Who has been a mentor to you and how have they impacted your life?


Mentorship, a collaborative learning relationship and working alliance, is a key factor in graduate student success. The Mindfulness Based Graduate Mentorship Program occurs over the course of the Fall semester.  In the program, graduate students gather together in peer community to inquire into questions around the qualities of effective mentorship, what functional relationships look like, and how to get support from mentors.  As part of the program activities, participants create a collective definition of mentorship and personalized mentor map. They then build towards the actions needed to cultivate and sustain fulfilling and functional mentoring relationships. Mindfulness, reflection and inquiry are used throughout this process as tools to delve into how the graduate school experience can be more fulfilling, more purposeful and less stressful.

The Program is a process of education, exploration, and reflection. It aims to facilitate graduate students in finding and listening to their own voices about what matters and building peer community with those who understand the graduate experience and can offer support throughout the process of navigating graduate school.

Program Commitments

1.  A 10 min. daily mindfulness practice is encouraged. 

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to your present moment experience with non-judgment and curiosity.  Mindfulness practices include activities like breathe awareness, walking meditation, body scans and compassion practices.

2.  The community will meet weekly through the Fall semester. 

In the program's weekly workshops, you will learn different types of mindfulness and relational mindfulness practices and participate in group discussions and personal reflections around mentorship.  There may be some homework between workshops (< 1 hour per month).  Workshops will be ~60-90 minute duration.

Program Outcomes

  • A personalized mentor network map and mentorship action plan
  • A collective definition of mentorship and a personal mentoring philosophy 
  • A peer support community
  • Strengthening of relational skills valuable for developing functional and mindful mentoring relationships
  • Free food at least twice!

Upcoming Program Dates and Application

Applications for the Fall 2024 offering of the Mindfulness Based Graduate Program are open now through August 30th 2024!  The program is limited to a maximum of 15 participants.  Meeting times and dates will be determined depending upon participant availablility and scheduled once registration closes.

For questions or for further information, please feel free to reach out to Jen Brown at [email protected]