In the Mindful Mentor Program, mentors come together in community to explore a relational and inclusive approach to mentoring that fosters personal growth and collaborative relationships, learning how to mentor students with authentic connection and compassion.  In this program, participants are guided in how to use mindfulness, listening and reflection practices as tools to help clarify what support is needed for our students, and ourselves, during the process of navigating the academic journey.

This program is an opportunity to connect with a rejuvenating and regenerating community of faculty offering mutual support in the practice of mentoring. The group meets one hour per week for a total of 10 sessions and is limited to 15 participants. Anyone mentoring students in research are welcome to apply (i.e. faculty, research faculty or staff, postdocs, etc).

Upcoming Program Dates and Application

Applications are now open through September 6th for the Fall 2024 program!  

Meeting times and dates will be determined depending upon participant availablility and scheduled once registration closes. For questions or for further information, please feel free to reach out to Jennifer Brown at [email protected]