Welcome to the MSSE data analysis tutorials! As you continue to plan for the implementation of your capstone project, we hope that these data analysis tutorials will support you with:

  • Building a foundational understanding of when and how to use data analysis techniques to analyze collected data.
  • Learning about data analysis techniques you can implement to answer your research questions.
  • Aligning your research questions to appropriate data analysis techniques.

It’s also important to recognize that unlike other phases of the research process (ex. background, conceptual framework), Mertler (2020) shares that "this is probably the step during which inexperienced researchers encounter the most anxiety. This may be due in part to the vast amount of narrative data that must be read, analyzed, coded, grouped, and summarized or to the fact that statistical analyses may be necessary" (p. 172).

Know that if you’re feeling this way, it’s totally normal!


The data analysis tutorials are designed for short-term and long-term support. For example, within your MSSE courses, you'll engage with the four data analysis tutorials and complete activities as instructed by your instructor. As long-term support, the data analysis tutorials are available for you to revisit at anytime throughout the program. The tutorials available are: