Danica Comey Headshot

Danika Comey

MPH, Proyecto SALUD Research Lead

Anna Ewen Headshot

Anna Ewen

Academic Advisor

Riley Finch Headshot

Riley Finch

MA, Student Support Manager

Mary Gauvin headshot

Mary Gauvin 

MS, Graduate Program Manager 

Misty Kuhn Headshot

Misty Kuhn

Student Placement Manager 

Debbie McCray

Debbie McCray

Undergraduate Program Manager

Twila Miner Headshot

Twila Miner

MEd, Caring for Our Own Program (CO-OP)

Susan Myers-Clack

Susan Myers-Clack

MS, Research Office Program Manager

Melissa Nootz Headshot

Melissa Nootz

Academic Advisor 

Porsche Riley Headshot

Porsche Riley 

IT Director 

Pam Shultz Headshot

Pam Schulz 

Assitant to the Dean, Communications 

Dean Sarah Shannon Headshot

Sarah E. Shannon

Dean and Professor

Paul Swift Headshot

Paul Swift

PhD, Assistant Dean for Academic Programs

Kelly Weak Headshot

Kelly Weak 

Director of Administration and Finance

Allison headshot

Allison Ziegelman

Senior Director of Development