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New Fall 22 and Spring 23 Study Abroad Programs Below!

The College of Nursing strives to educate nurses with a global view of health – be it at the local, state, national, or international level. By integrating elements of cultural competency, holistic health, and nursing partnerships our students and faculty are able to exceed healthcare needs. MSU Mark and Robyn Jones College of Nursing’s International Programming offers opportunities for undergraduate and graduate level students to participate in service-learning projects, clinical rotations, and nursing research in countries around the world. At Montana State, you can never dream too big.  


Upcoming Cultural Immersion Experiences 

The Tanzania Experience

Trips to Be Announced

For questions please contact the International Coordinator for the College of Nursing, Dr. Molly Secor at  [email protected]


The Peru Experience

Trips to Be Announced

For questions please contact the International Coordinator for the College of Nursing, Dr. Molly Secor at  [email protected]

Past Study Abroad Trips 

Ecuador Trip Video

nursing students in ecuador 
nursing student with llama in Ecuador
nursing students in ecuador


nursing students in India 


nursing student with woman in India


people in India


 “Global trends are transforming society, and at Montana State University we are preparing our graduates for the "borderless careers" they will enter. Among numerous benefits, international initiatives and experiences expand our horizons, enrich our breadth of appreciation of different cultures and help all of us become well-rounded citizens.”
- Waded Cruzado, MSU President

Faculty Research

Faculty currently conduct research in tribal locations across Montana and internationally from South America to Asia. Opportunities for students to serve as research assistants are available during summer break. 


Reference Guide: College of Nursing Global Health Experiences

  • Programs are offered to students on all campuses; pre-requisites for each program vary. Programs are generally open to undergraduate and graduate students, but eligibility varies by semester offered and academic schedule. 

  • Selection criteria include: flexibility and good academic standing, current enrollment in the College of Nursing, ability to contribute to a group effort, demonstrated leadership, and physical readiness for walking and completing responsibilities in inclement conditions. Spanish speakers are generally given preference in Latin American countries.

  • Cost of program varies depending on the locale and includes: program cost (including OIP application fee which goes towards this cost), airfare, and course credits (waived for full-time regular-track students during Spring and Fall semester programs). This does not include immunizations, passport, and clothing/equipment that may be purchased for the trip. Financial aid may be applied towards credits taken in the summer if a cumulative number of 6 credits (online + program or in-person + program) are reached. 

  • Programs vary from 10 days to 6 weeks. Two faculty members from the College of Nursing are assigned to lead each international program with additional on-site support from partner organizations in country and 24/7 hour support from partner organizations and MSU.

  • Students must be prepared to share space, including sleeping space and bathroom facilities during the experience. Privacy can be minimal, and the work days are often long. Teamwork is essential and students must be prepared to work hard. 

  • Joint application and health clearance through Montana State University’s Office of International Programming and Student Health are required before students and faculty depart. 

Funding and Support

The College of Nursing encourages students to seek out grants and scholarships to support global health learning experiences. We are happy to provide interested students with resources and support to seek out additional funding, as well assign them a support person from our multi-campus global health faculty support network. This faculty mentor is able to help an interested student learn more about our programs, fill out paperwork and applications, obtain necessary documents, and prepare for his or her global experience. 
Montana State’s College of Nursing also welcomes donations from alumni and friends of the university to not only make our students’ dreams a reality, but to help make our College a place that graduates nurses that not only meet the demands of today’s global healthcare challenges, but that exceed them. 
For questions or conversations about donating to the College’s Fund for International Programming, please contact the Dean of the College of Nursing at the address below.  


International Coordinator for MSU College of Nursing

Inquiries about programs, applications, or partnerships may be addressed to:

Dr. Molly Secor
Associate Dean for Research 
Montana State University – College of Nursing
PO Box 173560
Bozeman, MT 59717
[email protected]


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