Counseling Services

MSU Bozeman Services: Students in Missoula interested in telehealth services through MSU Bozeman Counseling and Psychological Services may contact CPS for an intake appointment.


MSU students in Missoula can access mental health services at the U of M Curry Health Center.

Call CPS at 406-994-4531 or use the online appointment scheduling portal: https://www.montana.edu/counseling/appointment-explain.html










MSU-CON students on the Missoula campus can access ongoing telehealth counseling services through MSU Bozeman Counseling and Psychological Services.


MSU CON students can pay the U of M health fee to access mental health counseling services through their Student Health Services. The fee also covers medical, dental, and health coaching services. There is no charge for the first counseling visit, but additional sessions are $20/session.

Students wishing to access ongoing TMH services through CPS will pay the MSU student health fee by calling 406-994-2311.









Tamarack Grief Resource Center

MSU-CON students on the Missoula campus can access grief support services at TGRC. 

Tamarack Grief Resource Center strengthens and honors individuals, families, and communities throughout their journey with grief. With offices in Missoula, Kalispell, and Browning, we help individuals and communities navigate grief and loss through counseling, grief camps and retreats, school-based programs, support groups, community workshops, urgent response support, and professional education. 




Community Referrals

If students are interested in using their insurance and seeing a provider in the Missoula community, they use the Thriving Campus platform to search local Missoula providers.

Thriving Campus: https://montana.thrivingcampus.com/


Additional support for community referrals can also be obtained at MSU’s Counseling & Psychological Services:  406-994-4531.


Crisis Resources

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline                              


Crisis Text Line

Text “MT” to 741741

For imminent crisis situations


Online Resources

Mental Health Screening-This free, anonymous, confidential service provides screening for depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance use, and eating disorders.


Kognito Online Suicide Prevention Training-

This one-hour, online training helps explain warning signs of suicide and how to help a friend who may be at-risk.


Access Key for students: bozemanstudent


WellTrack- online modules to assist with Depression, Anxiety, Public Speaking; mood tracking and relaxation exercises.


[email protected] is a new app for all MUS campuses designed to help students succeed in academics, wellness, and making connections.


Suicide Prevention Info



All MSU students are required to have health insurance. If students need assistance signing up for the MSU Student Health Insurance plan, they can contact Robin Kuntzelman.

Robin Kuntzelman

Student Health Partners


[email protected]

Medicaid may also be an option for many students.

For assistance determining eligibility, please contact Robin Kuntzelman (above), or visit [email protected]