MSU College of Nursing Policy


Policy Subject: Governance and Organization

Policy: College of Nursing Policies & Procedures

Revised: November 30, 2020

Effective date: November 30, 2020

Review date: November 2023

Responsible Party:  Level I:  Executive Council; Level II: Dean 


 Introduction and Purpose: Outlining a process for policy formulation, distribution, posting, review, revision and retention or deletion ensures that appropriate input is solicited from individual(s) and/or group(s) for all new and existing policies. Regular review of policies ensures relevance and facilitates communication among the college campuses. Posting policies on the College web site provides for easy, up-to-date access.

Policy: The process of formulating, distributing, posting, reviewing, revising and retaining or deleting policies and procedures may be initiated by administrators, faculty, and staff within the appropriate College of Nursing committees. New policies will be reviewed after one year and current policies will be reviewed every five years. The Faculty Organization President and Dean will remind Level I designees of policies to be reviewed for a given year in the annual committee charges. Every policy is to be written using the MSU Policy Template [See Appendix A and MSU Policy 110.00].

NOTE: See the Policy Manual Index located on the College web site for appropriate delineation of Level I and Level II.


  1. The formulation and review as well as changes to and retention or deletion of all policies originate at Level I. If Level I designation is unclear with regard to the initiation of a new policy, the Faculty Organization President and Dean can be consulted for direction.
  2. Level I is responsible for determining what additional input is appropriate to their work, including communicating with faculty at local or general faculty meetings, as appropriate.
  3. NOTE: The Faculty Organization Bylaws and the policy for Formal Review of faculty must be reviewed and approved by the entire faculty.
  4. Faculty members have two weeks to respond to a proposed new policy or any policy change.
  5. Level I is responsible for forwarding recommendations to Level II for additions, revisions, retentions or deletions as delineated in the Policy Manual Index located on the College web site
  6. All policies go to Level II for final sign-off. Level II is responsible for reviewing the recommendations and communicating back to Level I approval or suggestions for modifications.
  7. If changes are suggested, Level I reviews the suggestions, seeks additional input if deemed appropriate, and forwards the revised policy to Level II for re-review and approval. This sequencing continues until approval is received from Level II. If additional faculty input is appropriate, it is initiated by Level I. When approved by Level II, the policy is then distributed and posted as outlined in Section II below.

Distribution and Posting of Policies:

  1. After receiving Level II review and approval for the formulation of a new policy or the revision, retention or deletion of an existing policy, the Level II designee is responsible for forwarding an electronic copy of the new or revised policy, or a written statement about the need to retain or delete an existing policy, to the College Web Coordinator. Also included in the e-mail message should be the dates of Level I and Level II review/approval and, for new policies, the policy number (assigned by Level I based on the next available number).
  2. The College Web Coordinator is responsible for ensuring each policy is formatted properly and for adding the appropriate Level I and II review/approval dates.
  3. The College Web Coordinator is responsible for sending an e-mail, with a link to the updated policy, to all faculty and staff alerting them to the addition, revision, retention or deletion of the policy.
  4. The College Web Coordinator is also responsible for making the appropriate changes to the Policies Manual and Policy Manual Index on the College web site.

Mandatory Five Year Policy Review:

  1. All policies will be reviewed for revision, retention, or deletion every five years.
  2. Level I designees have the responsibility for insuring appropriate policy review as outlined in Section I.
  3. The Faculty Organization President and Dean will remind Level I designees of the review process in the annual charges made during a policy review year.

 Internal control considerations, if applicable: N/A

Appendix A

 Subject: Pick one of the following:  Governance and Organization; Academic Affairs;  Student Success; Personnel; Financial Affairs; Non-Policy Guidance.

Policy: Policy Name

Revised: Date policy is revised, if applicable.  To be determined at time policy is formally adopted.

Effective date: Proposed effective date.

Review date: Month and date of review will be three years from date of adoption unless otherwise specified.

Responsible Party: Identify position or office responsible for review of policy.


Introduction and Purpose: Describes the background and rationale for the operating policy.   

Policy: This is the guide for decision making.

Procedures: The sequential steps necessary to carry out the policy.

Internal control considerations, if applicable: How to ensure adequate safeguarding of assets, e.g. segregation of duties, misuse or fraud, etc.