Subject: Student Success

Policy: Children Attending MRJCON Classes

Revised: May 2023

Effective date: May 2023

Review date: November 2016; April 2023; Spring 2026

Responsible Party: Level I: Executive Council; Level II Dean

Introduction and Purpose

The MRJCON respects and values the importance of balancing work and family/dependent responsibilities and will work with students who have small children. However, optimal learning conditions for all students must be considered and, as much as possible, be maintained in the classroom.


Parenting students are responsible for arranging regular appropriate childcare and are referred to the Office of Institutional Equity for available resources and support. Under normal circumstances ,children will not be allowed to attend MRJCON classes, labs, open labs, simulation, or clinical experiences. The CON faculty realizes that on a rare occasion an emergency may arise which necessitates bringing a child to a lecture. If the student has explored all options and must bring the child to a lecture, the procedure below must be followed.


1. Permission must be obtained from the professor prior to bringing the child to MRJCON courses.

2. The professor may ask the student and child to leave if the child becomes noisy or is disruptive to the class environment.

3. The student and child must sit in an area of the classroom with easy access to the door (e.g., front row or side aisle) so that they may leave quietly if the child becomes noisy or disruptive to the class environment.

4. Under no circumstances will children be allowed to attend class during examinations.

5. Under no circumstances will children be allowed to attend college or clinical laboratories, including clinical conferences, simulation, open lab, scheduled labs, or clinicals.

6. A child who has an illness that prevents the child being accepted by a regular childcare provider or from attending school may not be brought to the classroom.

Internal control considerations, if applicable:

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