Subject: Governance and Organization

Policy: Funding for Faculty Development Activities

Revised: January 2021

Effective date: Spring 2021

Review date: January 2024

Responsible Party:  Level I:  Faculty Council; Level II: Faculty President 

Introduction and Purpose: To guide the Faculty Development Committee in making recommendations for the disbursement of funds available for faculty development. The Faculty Development Funding Application is to be used for all funding requests. Incomplete or unreadable applications or failure to follow the procedure will result in the return of the application without a review by the Faculty Development Committee.



  1. The Dean of the College of Nursing establishes the size of the pool of funds available for faculty development activities and notifies the Faculty Development Committee of the amount established for disbursement by September
  2. Funds will be allocated across three categories
    1. Category I: Presentation of research or scholarly activity
    2. Category II: Attendance at professional conferences
  • Category III: Educational programs for the faculty as a whole
  1. Faculty development activities not included under this policy are:
    1. Faculty/committee meetings or teaching obligations that require travel.
    2. Dean's
    3. Faculty development travel paid by Campus Director's discretionary
    4. Faculty trips requested by the
    5. Formal education, e.g. masters or doctoral courses
    6. In-state professional development (less than $750—which should include conference fee, travel, meals, and lodging)
  2. Faculty Development funding requests can be made by individuals or committees and can only be requested for the current fiscal year (July 1- June 30).
  3. The Faculty Development Funding Application is to be used for all funding requests (insert link to faculty funding Docusign form here). Incomplete or illegible applications or failure to follow the procedure will result in the return of the application without a review by the Faculty Development
  4. Within one fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) an individual faculty member may not receive faculty development funding more than
  5. By May 1, funds that have not been allocated or funds that have been returned to the pool will be returned to the Dean of the College of Nursing. Funds may not be used to enhance previously awarded



Faculty Responsibilities

  1. The faculty identifies a conference/training event that falls within the funding cycle: July 1st to June 30th of that academic year. Conferences/training events which are after the June 30th deadline must be submitted for consideration the following year.
  2. The applicant completes the Faculty Development Funding Application and obtains the signature of the Campus
  3. Via e-mail, the applicant sends the signed electronic copy to the Faculty Development Committee member Chairperson.
  4. If funding is awarded, faculty must complete the required official MSU paperwork both before and after travel is completed. The required forms and documentation are detailed on the CON website, under “Resources for Faculty and Staff”.
  5. A summary report of the faculty development activity must be submitted to the Faculty Development Committee, via e-mail, within 20 working days of returning from the faculty development activity.
  6. Annually document activities approved with Faculty Development Funds in Activity Insight.


Faculty Development Committee Responsibilities


  1. A call for Faculty Development Funding Applications is made, via e-mail to all faculty, at least twice each academic
  2. Faculty Development Funding Applications are reviewed in a timely fashion and are assigned a numerical score based on a rating schema. The Faculty Development Funding Applications will then be prioritized according to the number of points earned on the rating
  3. Based on the available pool of funds for that funding cycle, the Faculty Development Committee will recommend complete funding of the applications that garnered the most
  4. The Chairperson submits the funding recommendations to the
  5. After the Dean approves and finalizes the funding recommendations, the chairperson notifies the faculty member of the final funding allocation.
  6. The Faculty Development Committee will maintain a copy of each summary report for a period for three (3)




      Faculty Development Funding Application