Subject: Governance and Organization


Revised: April 2021

Effective date: April 2021

Review date: April 2024

Responsible Party: Level I:  Executive Council; Level II:  Dean


Introduction and Purpose: A nursing education program is a dynamic structure that requires on-going evaluative input to maintain its quality and relevance. Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) accreditation and Montana State Board of Nursing approval requires evaluative data as evidence that criteria/standards are being met. The Master Evaluation Plan provides a systematic, comprehensive, on-going approach to program evaluation.   



The College of Nursing has developed and will maintain a Master Evaluation Plan to:

  1. Coordinate the evaluation of all program components, and
  2. Guide the collection, analysis, dissemination and utilization of the outcomes of evaluation for ongoing quality program improvement.



  1. The Master Evaluation Plan is a dynamic document that is overseen by the CON Academic Programs office, updated and disseminated as needed to the community of interest each semester. An annual report is submitted in April and posted to the EC webpage at the close of each academic year.
  2. On-going quality improvement projects are separately documented and monitored for progress.


Internal control considerations, if applicable:  N/A