Subject: Governance and Organization

Policy: Strike Notice Arbitration Policy

Revised: May 2014; February 2022

Effective date: May 2014.

Review date: Fall 2024

Responsible Party: Level I: Executive Council; Level II:  Dean

Introduction and Purpose

The Strike Notice and Arbitration Policy was first developed by Montana State University College of Nursing in July 1975 to provide guidance to students and faculty when associated with an institution involved in collective bargaining.   


College of Nursing faculty and enrolled students  will maintain a position of neutrality in relation to strike notices and arbitration at agencies used for clinical experience.


  1. Regular clinical courses will continue in so far as adequate clinical experience are available. Faculty members and students will continue to maintain  their regular educational activities during work or clinical assignment hours.
  2. All courses will be continuously assessed for the appropriateness of the learning environment and available experiences.
  3. No faculty member or student will engage in any strike related activity during work or clinical assignment hours.
  4. Each faculty member and student, as an independent professional, will assume accountability for his/her actions regarding strike notice activities during non-working or non-clinical assignment hours.

Internal control considerations, if applicable: N/A