The College of Nursing is making meaningful change in the health of individuals, especially in rural areas.  Our researchers are working with a variety of Tribal partners, organizations, and other research institutions to make a meaningful impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities. In addition, we have faculty experts working to continuously improve nursing education.     

Investigating the Impacts on the Nursing Workforce

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The mission of the Center for Interdisciplinary Health Workforce Studies is to improve the capacity of the nursing and larger health care workforces to provide healthcare that is safe, effective, efficient, accessible, equitable, and timely.


Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training Program - East

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The BHWET-East Program for Professionals aims to increase the supply of behavioral health professionals while also improving distribution of a quality behavioral health workforce and thereby increasing access to behavioral health services.


Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training Program - West

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The BHWET-West Program for Professionals aims to increase the supply of behavioral health professionals while also improving distribution of a quality behavioral health workforce and thereby increasing access to behavioral health services. 


Caring for Montana Veterans

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Montana nurses are likely to care for veterans during their career.  Using simulation and educational components that focus on military culture we are ensuring students are well prepared to provide excellent care to Montana veterans. Research is also being conducted in several Montana communities to assess veterans’ needs.


One Community in Health

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One Community in Health is an interprofessional team of MSU nursing faculty, nursing student clinicians, and dental hygienists who provide screening, preventive treatment, specialty referral, education, and case management for America Indian children on Montana Reservations.


Caring for Our Own Program

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CO-OP was founded in 1999 to help improve the quality of health care in American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities by increasing the number of qualified AI/AN nurses entering the health profession. The program is a supplemental student support program for AI/AN students pursuing their nursing degree at MSU. 


Rural Ready Nurse Practitioner

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Providing advanced healthcare in rural areas comes with a unique set of challenges. This Scholars program trains graduate students how to provide primary healthcare in rural and underserved communities. 

Mobile Health Training Program

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The Mobile Health Training Program is pairing classroom and clinical experiences to ideally-prepared our graduates for a role in primary care when the graduate with a BSN

Proyecto SALUD

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SALUD, the Spanish word for health, is an interdisciplinary, community based approach to identifying and reducing health disparities for Spanish-speaking individuals in Montana.

Healing through Education and Resiliency Training

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The HEART project strives to the improve short- and long-term health outcomes and school success of students attending elementary school on a Montana Indian Reservation.  Students engage in art-based actives designed to express their perceptions of self-identity, resilience and well-being.

Describing Health and Resilience of Seniors

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This film will capture the stories of seniors living in a retirement community during the pandemic.  It will compare and contrast their stories to data from thirty years ago so that we may better understand how the global pandemic and isolation impacted their health and resiliency.   

American Indian Community Hospice Project

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Reducing disparities in hospice use on a Montana American Indian Reservation is the overarching goal of this long-established research team.  They have been working to increase the rates at which members of a tribe seek hospice care.

Support for Rural, Frail Older Adults

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This research centers around improving the care of frail older adults living in rural areas. The research focuses on improving the delivery of specialty care through healthcare teams utilizing online education, simulation, and technology for nurses and other staff.   

Improving patient outcomes for opioid use disorders 

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This trial tests whether an innovative, scalable, telephonic model of collaborative care for opoiod use disorder and comorbid conditions increases engagement in medications for opoiod use disorder treatment and improve depression symptoms in primary care patients with opoiod use disorder and depression

Supporting Palliative Care

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This research project is learning about the experience of rural residents when accessing healthcare for a serious and life limiting illness.

Developing Medical Equipment

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The College of Nursing has faculty members deeply involved in the development and patenting of medical equipment for use in both the educational and clinical settings. Dr. Alice Running and/or Ms .Rexanne Wieferich