About Off-Campus Student Life

Off-Campus Student Life (OCSL) is your student-funded go-to resource for navigating life beyond the campus borders in Bozeman. As a pivotal branch of the Office of Student Engagement and ASMSU, OCSL is strategically located within the bustling hub of the Strand Union Building.Whether you're a seasoned local or new to the community, OCSL is here to ensure a smooth transition and enhance your experience living in Bozeman.

At Off-Campus Student Life, our dedicated team offers a range of invaluable services. From aiding in roommate searches and housing inquiries to providing referrals for legal assistance and insights into community transportation options, we've got you covered.

We're not just about practical assistance; our focus extends to fostering a sense of belonging and integration within the Bozeman community. By promoting student well-being and facilitating community connections, OCSL strives to empower students on their academic journey, ultimately guiding them towards graduation success.


OCSL provides comprehensive support and resources that empower students to seamlessly integrate into the community, fostering personal growth, academic success, and a sense of belonging.




OffCampus housing

Off-Campus Housing

Resources to make informed decisions about housing options, fostering empowerment and stability within the Bozeman community.


Legal Services

ASMSU Legal Services

ASMSU Legal Services offer Montana State University students confidential legal advice and assistance on various matters to help them navigate legal issues they may encounter during their academic journey.


Child Care

Childcare Assistance

Access to quality childcare services, resources, and information to promote the well-being and development of children.

Bozeman Transportation

Bozeman Transportation

Navigate Bozeman with ease using our comprehensive transportation resources, providing convenient options and valuable information for getting around the city hassle-free.


Safety & Security

Stay safe and secure off-campus with our resources, offering tips, tools, and even a guide on how to register your party, ensuring peace of mind and responsible hosting in your community.

Off-Campus Living

Upcoming Events and Programs

Stay up-to-date and engaged with our upcoming events and programs, offering diverse opportunities for connection, enrichment, and community involvement in Bozeman.

Emergency Housing

Emergency Housing

Immediate support and assistance to individuals facing homelessness or housing crises, offering temporary shelter, resources, and guidance to navigate challenging circumstances.

Food Security

Food Resources

Food Security Resources offers vital support and solutions to ensure individuals and communities have access to nutritious food, promoting stability and well-being for all.

Public Assistance

Public Assistance

Support and guidance to individuals and families seeking access to government aid programs, empowering them to navigate and access vital resources effectively.


Student Government

ASMSU is the voice of the students, dedicated to enhancing the college experience at Montana State University with leadership and employment opportunities, diverse student-oriented programs and services, and responsible fiscal management of student activity fees.


Our Staff

Learn more about our commitment to fostering student involvement, personal growth, and campus community through OCSL.


The Office of Student Engagement fosters meaningful engagement opportunities that challenge, support and empower students to be leaders on campus, in the community and beyond.