Finding a place to live in Bozeman in the current housing market and/or dealing with challenging living circumstances can be tough situations to navigate while in college. For roommate finding, subleasing, and finding housing along streamline routes, click on the Housing Marketplace button below. 


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Shop for a Rental

Shopping for a Rental

Explore our comprehensive resources to aid in your rental search in Bozeman, providing invaluable insights and assistance to secure your ideal living space in the vibrant community.

Rental Agreements

Rental Agreements

Essential information and guidance, empowering renters to understand and navigate the terms and obligations of their lease agreements effectively.



Insights and tips for navigating college roommates, ensuring a harmonious living environment and fostering meaningful connections within your shared living space.


Move In and Move Out

Information to help navigate the process of moving in and out of rented spaces and guidance for a stress-free transition and optimal tenant experience.

Land Lords

Landlords and Tenants

Understand your rights and responsibilities as a renter to foster a positive rental experience for all parties involved.

Be a Good Neighbor

Being a Good Neighbor

Be an ambassador for you and your fellow Bobcats when you move in next door. Be friendly and courteous to those with whom you share your neighborhood!

Bozeman Resources

City of Bozeman Resources

Explore the City of Bozeman resources, your comprehensive guide to municipal services and information, empowering residents and visitors with essential tools to thrive in our vibrant community.


Upcoming Events and Programs

Stay up-to-date and engaged with our upcoming events and programs, offering diverse opportunities for connection, enrichment, and community involvement in Bozeman.

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Schedule a 1:1 Appointment

Schedule a personalized 1:1 meeting with one of our dedicated staff members to explore additional resources and receive guidance to meet your needs.


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