saftey and Security

Even though Bozeman is considered to be a considerably safe community, there are several actions you can take to be even safer:

  • Download the Safe Cats app!
  • Lock your exterior doors and windows even if there is someone home.
  • If walking around at night, stay in well-lit areas, avoid walking alone, and keep your cell phone handy in case you need to call the police.
  • Be attentive to what is happening around your community and do not be afraid to report any suspicious activity to the Bozeman Police.
  • Lock your car doors and do not leave any valuables in plain sight.
  • Close the window shades to your apartment when not at home.
  • Do not allow illegal drug or alcohol activity in your rental. This includes prohibiting persons less than 21 years of age to drink alcohol.
  • Know the guests that may be entering the rental.
  • Be sure the address is clearly posted to facilitate emergency response from the fire and police departments.
  • Regularly test the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to make sure they are working properly, and immediately replace batteries to the detectors if they are not working.
  • Report any damages or repairs that threaten the safety and security of the property to the landlord as soon as possible, so that they may schedule a time to repair the issue(s) immediately.
  • Do not leave spare keys in hiding places.
  • Ask neighbors to keep an eye on your place when leaving town.
  • When leaving for extended periods of time, like for breaks, leave your heat on at no less than 55 degrees so that the water pipes do not freeze and break, which can flood your rental.
  • Locate the water shut-off valve, electrical panel, and gas shut-off valve. Learn how to use them.

  • Know how to reach your landlord in case of plumbing, heating, or electrical problems.

  • Know where emergency exits are for each sleeping area.

  • Ensure there is a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

Checklist for Party Safety

  • Do not allow anyone under the age of 21 into the party if alcohol is going to be served. 
  • Know who is in attendance at your party and do not allow anyone you do not know to attend.
  • Keep alcohol inside, not outside of the rental. This will help keep the noise down and limit the size of the party.
  • Designate a sober monitor to oversee the party, control noise, and monitor people who may be drinking excessively. 
  • Inform your neighbors about the festivities well in advance.
  • Keep the noise down. The number one reason why police are called to a party is because of noise.