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Types of Agreement [1]


Programmatic Support
Collaborative Research Agreement
Sponsored Research Agreement
Testing Services Agreement
Material Transfer Agreements
Non-Disclosrure Agreements
Scope of Work None Specified Area of Research of interest to both parties Description of Research Project prepared by PI Usually testing proprietary materials owned by company Use usually limited to internal research purposes Usually for initial discussions for purposes of future agreement
Deliverable None Reports as negotiated by the parties Report(s) required by Sponsor Proprietary Test Results of Services None None
Terms of Publication None (publication not required) MSU Retains Publication Rights Generally, MSU retains Publication Rights (unless otherwise negotiated with the company) Negotiated with the company None. Publication is usually restricted None. Publication is usually restricted
Intellectual Property Terms None (MSU Owns) MSU Owns IP created by MSU faculty and staff MSU Owns with License Option to Sponsor Sponsor Owns IP arising directly from requested services. University owns all other IP developed. None. Sender retains IP rights None. Discloser retains rights

[1] See, Types of Agreements with Industry for full description of agreements and authorized signatories.  The university also requires a Facilities/Equipment Use Agreement to be signed by the VPREDGE for any use of university facilities or equipment by non-university personnel. 

Agreement Required
Gift Reporting Form, Appendix B Accepting and Processing Gift Policy Collaboration Research Agreement – contact Technology Transfer Office MSU Standard Research Agreement MSU Testing Service Agreement or company testing agreement approved by MSU MSU Material Transfer Agreement MSU Nondisclosure Agreement
Typical Billing / Payment Method Check made Payable to the MSU Foundation or MSU Usually unfunded Fixed price, cost reimbursable Fixed price, cost reimbursable Usually no payment required None
Official approved to Sign Agreements MSU Foundation or VPAF VPREDGE Associate VPREDGE Associate VPREDGE VPREDGE VPREDGE
Responsible MSU Office (START HERE)[2] MSU Foundation/MSU

 [2] The university requires the appropriate MSU office to be contacted prior to negotiation with the industry partner. Furthermore, the appropriate MSU office will engage with the industry partner.