The administration, faculty, and staff of the campuses of Montana State University all bear the responsibility of serving the respective teaching, research, and service missions of the campuses.  That mission is enhanced by the sustained, active interaction of members of the University community with business, government, not-for-profit groups, professional societies, academic institutions, and other individuals and organizations. Therefore, entrepreneurial activities are encouraged that support the University’s mission through dissemination of knowledge, enhancement of educational opportunities for students, and economic development. These many interactions and activities can, however, create the potential for conflict of interest in which University employees' external activities or interests could influence—or could appear to influence—the manner or extent to which those individuals carry out their University responsibilities.  Such influences—real or apparent—may undermine public and professional confidence in the campuses, diminish the University’s ability to accomplish its mission, or violate state or federal law. 

Therefore, it is the policy of MSU that in all of their activities—the education of students; the design, conduct, and reporting of research; the hiring and supervision of staff; the procurement of materials and services; and all other tasks incident to their mission—each campus and its employees shall endeavor to be free of inappropriate influence or bias that may result from conflicts of interest. The policy is intended to enable employees to recognize potential conflicting interests and, thus, to protect themselves and the University from inappropriate influence or bias through disclosure, evaluation, and, if required, management or elimination of conflicts of interest.

The University will make information concerning identified FCOI held by Senior/Key Personnel on PHS-funded research to any written request within five business days of a request in accordance with the requirements of the PHS FCOI regulations.