The existence of a potential or actual conflict of interest does not imply wrongdoing. Activities can often continue when conflicts are managed. If MSU determines that the conflict is capable of management, a written plan is implemented. The purpose of the plan is to:

  1. Accurately describe the potential conflicts in writing
  2. Create explicit agreements to protect against actual conflicts
  3. Facilitate oversight

A plan manager is assigned to monitor the plan and ensure that safeguards are followed. Managers review plans with employees annually in the spring to cover the upcoming fiscal year. Plans are updated as circumstances change, and the annual reviews continue until the conflict no longer exists.  

Disclosure is key to managing conflicts of interest. Submit new disclosures for evaluation to the Office of Research Compliance using the form below, and the ORC will develop a plan that covers your specific situation. Management plans offer protection to both employees and the institution because they demonstrate a commitment to MSU, integrity, transparency, and a mechanism for monitoring. 

New Disclosure Form 

Sample COI Management Plan