Parking lot maintenance will occur during the summer session from May through August. All lots will be closed at some point during this time for maintenance. Several departments on campus work together to repair the parking lots, so the posted schedule may change. Email notifications will be sent out to alert all faculty, staff, and students of lot closures and signs will be posted in advance to clear each lot. 

Please note that vehicles that are not moved by the designated time of each lot closure may be subject to tow at the owner's expense. This is not an ideal alternative, so please be mindful of the maintenance schedule and the notifications that are sent out to help maintenance go smoothly. Please see the parking map for reference.

2023 Summer Maintenance Schedule

Week 1





Week 2


Parking Garage

Bison Lot 2 (Roskie)



Week 3


Bobcat Lot 4

Bobcat Lot 5

Bison Lot 9 (Johnstone/Jabs/Hapner)


Week 4


Bobcat Lot 3

Bobcat Lot 6

Bobcat Lot 13


Week 5


Bobcat Lot 15

Bison Lot 8 (Langford)



Week 6


Eagle Lot 16/Trout Lot 17

Elk Lot 24

Bison Lot 22 (Quads)

SUB ADA and Oval

North Hedges 30-minute/ADA

Harrison Street Lot 23


Week 7


Bison Lot 1 (North Hedges)

Bison Lot 26 (Hyalite)

Bison Lot 27 (Yellowstone)

Bobcat Lot 18


Week 8


Wolf Lot 7

Wolf Lot 14

Elk Lot 19


Week 9


FH Towers Lot

Branegan/McIntosh Lot

Branegan Lot

Bobcat Lot 11


Week 10





Week 11





For questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]