This page links to a number of environmental education resources for kids and teachers. It features activities designed to engage and empower children aged 14 and under with the knowledge that they can make a difference. The goal of these projects is to create genuine interest and awareness of pollution prevention concepts.

Children should not be burdened with the responsibility of saving the world. But their imaginations can be sparked with the many opportunities they and their families have to protect and improve their environment through choices they make in their daily lives.

Cool Kids Websites

Pollution Prevention and Youth Education Topic Hub defines the relationship between pollution prevention and environmental literacy. The hub offers teaching strategies, curricula and activities, and a reference library, and includes over 180 links related to P2 and education. Curricula and activities are identified by age groups and by the following topics: Agriculture, Air Quality, Energy Conservation, Household & Community Waste Management, P2 Careers, P2 Consumer, Transportation, and Water Quality. This topic hub is presented by the Peaks to Prairies Information Center and P2Rx.

Funding Sources For Environmental Education

If you are seeking funding for an environmental education project, the Peaks to Prairies Pollution Prevention Information Center maintains a list of currently available grants on its Youth P2 Education page.

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